When Will The Fellowship Finder Be Available?

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    Oh how I am hungry for physical fellowship without having to be on guard constantly... either it's just the same ole church chatter dressed up in Hebrew costumes or it's rabbinical false teaching.  I am weary.  

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    I couldn't agree more.  After going to supposed "Messianic" churches (which were awful) we ended up attending a mainstream Sabbath keeping church. 

    We even ordered 15 copies of "Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence" and passed them out.  Oddly enough, the pastors are the ones who didn't want to change....the head pastor, even after reading it, has gone back to calling God "Yahweh" from the pulpit!  [sigh]  God has shown him the truth and he has rejected it. 

    I think I'll order "Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus" next and pass that one out.  Why give up?  If anything, I'm making his life spiritually more difficult and that's got to be positive.  Not even a car can change lanes unless it's moving.

    One thing I've learned is to not make statements.  I ask questions and if I'm going to point a finger (something negative), I don't say "we" & esp not "you".  I use "I".  If I blame myself, no one has to reject what I say because I'm blaming them.  It works beautifully!   It's more difficult than it seems but well worth the effort!  I take my time to gather my thoughts and speak slowly.  I stop and correct myself if I need to.  As long as I'm blaming me, they listen on the edge of their seats.  :-)

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